Blood cannot be manufactured. It can only be donated by people who want to make a difference in the lives of patients they may never meet. Thank the Donor™ offers patients and their loved ones a new way to participate in their health care and spread the Attitude of Gratitude.

What is Thank the Donor™?

Thank the Donor™ is a free program that allows patients to connect with blood donors. Using Thank the Donor™, patients can send their blood donor a thank you message and that message will hopefully encourage and inspire blood donors to continue their life-saving donations. Many donors will never hear from their recipients, but we hope by using this programs more donors will begin connecting with their reason for giving.

No contact information or identifying patient information is shared between the blood recipient and/or sender of the message and the blood donor, but our blood donors will receive the message and possible even a photo of their recipient!

How does it work?

The blood recipient or a loved one can visit on their smartphone, tablet, or computer. There they can enter or scan the bar code on their transfusion bag. From there the instructions are simple and they can send their message along with a photo if they wish. After the message is sent, the donor will receive an email with the message attached. Our donors love helping patients and these messages will inspire them to keep saving lives!

some examples of Thank the Donor™ messages:

“After giving birth, I lost a lot of blood and your donation helped me get better to take care of my baby. Thank you so much.”

“My grandmother has a very rare combination of antibodies. She was bleeding internally. It took days to find a match. The blood you gave saved her life. Thank you for giving of yourself. She would not have lived another day without you.”

“Thank you for taking the time and priority to donate blood. Your donation has made it possible for our 13 yr old daughter to regain her strength and fight courageously against a diagnosis of Leukemia.  Thank you for donating! God bless!”

These are just some examples of people who took time to thank their donors, but whether you receive a thank you or not, there is a story like these behind your donation. Donating blood saves lives. Please be a consistent donor to help patients in need.