Under 18 donors

16 and 17 year old donors are able to donate, but 16 year old donors require a consent form signed by a parent or legal guardian. 17 year old donors do not need a parental consent. Click below for a copy of this consent.

1/2 Pints 4 Life

"1/2 Pints 4 Life" is a program designed to educate elementary and middle school students about the importance of blood donations. By encouraging their parents and teachers to donate blood at school blood drives, kids practice community involvement and learn early on the importance of donating blood for patients in need.

host a drive

Blood Assurance recognizes and rewards local high schools for their tremendous efforts in saving lives in our communities.

Area high schools have hosted hundreds of blood drives contributing thousands of units of blood for the healthcare facilities Blood Assurance serves.

Check out School and Student incentives here.


get involved today

Kim Murphy
Director of Donor Recruitment
Email Kim or call (423) 756-0966