One donation can save three lives.

We always need individuals who are willing to partner with us to ensure our blood supply is at a safe level. To get involved as an individual, you can:

Donate Blood

Whole blood donation is the most common form of donating. Whole blood is collected from the donor and taken to the laboratory where it is separated into specific components, such as red blood cells, platelets and plasma. Blood and blood products are distributed to hospitals, which are then used to help patients. 

Your donation saves lives in your community. Find a donor center or mobile drive near you and make an appointment by vising our Donor Portal.

Host a Blood Drive

Blood Assurance holds thousands of drives each year, and they can happen in two ways: a bloodmobile can come to you, or a donor center near you can host the drive. 

Many times, families looking to honor a loved one will ask to host a blood drive. Families with a member battling certain cancers will look to replenish supplies used to ensure blood is available for other local patients in need.

get involved today

Kim Murphy
Director of Donor Recruitment
Email Kim or call (423) 756-0966