Our High School Heroes Grant program is a partnership that helps high schools provide more educational opportunities and resources while saving lives in our community.

Host drives with Blood Assurance to receive a grant for your school.

How to get a grant for your school

  • Fill out the form below and tell us how you would use the grant money at the beginning of the school year.

  • New schools will be allowed to host one blood drive during the first two school years after joining the program. On the third year, schools will be required to host two drives during the school year.

  • All schools who have hosted blood drives with Blood Assurance for at least two years must host two blood drives during the school year.

Grant Details

Schools will receive a grant reflective of the amount of units collected at the drive(s) during one school year. The amounts are as follows:

Collect 50+ UNITS: Receive $500

Collect 100+ Units: Receive $1,000

Collect 200+ Units: Receive $1,500

Collect 300+ Units: Receive $2,000

Bonuses are also available:

New School Bonus (first year only): $500

Increase Frequency From Previous Year: $250

Host a drive during November, December, or January: $250

If you would like to sign your school up for a blood drive to participate in the High School Heroes Grant Program submit the form below.

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About Crystal Green

Crystal Green was a student at Georgia Southern University before suffering a setback with aplastic anemia. After hundreds of hours of platelet transfusions and a bone marrow transplant, Crystal lost her long battle in November 1998, shortly after turning 21. This fund is established in her honor to help students in our area schools.