Working together. Finding Cures.

What is BioLinked?

BioLinked is an electronic roster of people willing to help researchers find cures and treatments by participating in paid and unpaid studies.

Why is blood assurance partnering with biolinked?

BioLinked is another way to save lives. You could be the link between a patient and a life-saving cure! There are clinical trials occurring all over the United States. These studies could provide cures or treatments for diseases that affect people all over the world. This progress is often delayed many years because scientists cannot locate people to participate in their research. By helping researchers locate willing participants, we are doing our part in bringing new hope to patients as soon as possible.

how do i sign up?

If you would like to join BioLinked click the button below. Please make sure you have your donor ID number on hand. To find your donor ID number, you can call 800.962.0628.

For more information about Bio-Linked, you can click the button or view the brochure below.


To view a BioLinked brochure click here.