What is BERC?

BERC is a group of blood centers across the nation who commit to joining together to be prepared for mass transfusion disasters that may strike. These blood centers commit to collecting extra units on a rotating “on call” schedule to create an available supply of blood for emergency needs. Blood Assurance is proud to be a BERC member to help other communities in need and to ensure that we will always have what we need in the case of a mass trauma.

Why has Blood Assurance joined BERC?

In many disasters and critical-need scenarios – like a mass shooting, natural disaster or large-scale car crash – a large amount of blood is needed immediately. In the post-COVID world, most blood centers don’t have enough blood on their shelves to handle these types of disasters and are forced to request blood units from neighboring blood collectors, who are also struggling to maintain an adequate supply. By creating BERC, blood will be ready and available if needed, without delays and uncertainty.

Since March of 2020, the local and national blood supply has been unstable and struggling to meet every day patient needs.

  • The national safety net that traditionally protects blood centers in mass trauma events is gone.

  • The only way to prepare for mass trauma situations is to ensure blood is set aside and ready immediately in case of disaster.

How can you help us be prepared?

In the week and days leading up to Blood Assurance's week in the rotation, we will need to collect more blood to have on stand-by to help other blood centers in the case of a mass shooting, disaster, or other event that uses a large amount of blood. Donors can come in during these weeks to help, but we also need high-producing blood drives on the schedule.





Would you like something to share with your organization? Download our BERC information sheet below! To talk about scheduling a BERC blood drive, call us at 800-962-0628 to be connected with your area’s Account Manager.

Would you like to schedule an appointment for yourself? Click here.

See how BERC can help a blood center and community by viewing a release from a recent activation after a shooting.

“Being prepared for all emergencies big or small is essential as a blood donation center. BERC is giving us and blood centers across the nation the ability to prepare for the unthinkable and unexpected. We are proud to be able to help other blood centers in a time of need and grateful that help will also be extended to us.”