Our Mission

To provide a safe and adequate supply of blood and blood components, in a cost effective manner, to every area patient in need. 


Blood Assurance is a nonprofit, full-service regional blood center serving healthcare facilities in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky and North Carolina. More than 540 volunteer blood donors are needed every day in order to adequately supply these hospitals. Founded in 1972 as a joint effort of the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Medical Society, the Chattanooga Area Hospital Council and the Chattanooga Jaycees (Junior Chamber of Commerce), the mission of Blood Assurance is to provide a safe and adequate supply of blood and blood components in a cost effective manner to every area patient in need.

Currently, there are 12 fixed locations and 16 bloodmobiles to collect lifesaving blood products used by area patients. Blood Assurance is a member of the American Association of Blood Banks, the Tennessee Association of Blood Banks, the Tennessee Hospital Association,  Blood Centers of America, the Georgia Department of Community Health, the Tennessee Department of Health, and the Chattanooga Area Hospital Council.

Blood Assurance is licensed by the Tennessee Department of Public Health, the Georgia Department of Human Resources and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

For additional licensure and regulatory information for our facilities, view our licenses or contact Quality Assurance at (423) 756-0966.

For more information, please  visit our Frequently Asked Questions.


Blood Assurance is now serving more Nashville hospitals including the TriStar System. We have been serving Tennessee patients since 1972 and are proud to say our blood stays in our region. We say hello to all of our new neighbors and we hope to see you soon!